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Creative in the Inbox

We are all for optimizing subject lines – we created – but we also like to help clients explore more visual opportunities in the

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Email Engagement Rates Are Improving Despite Significant Increases In Volume (Via Adotas)

Email volume during Q3 2015 & the 2015 holiday season is up 25% over 2014.
New research from Experian Marketing Services, a data-driven marketing and cloud-based marketing technology company, shows that during Q3 2015 email volume rose 24.8%, year over year, while engagement rates matched or were above those in Q3 2014. The Experian Marketing Services’ Q3 2015 Email Benchmark Reportnoted:

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The Triumph of Email: Why does one of the world’s most reviled technologies keep winning? (Via The Atlantic)

Email, ughhhh. There is too much of it, and the wrong kind of it, from the wrong people. When people aren’t hating their inboxes out loud, they are quietly emailing to say that they’re sorry for replying so late, and for all the typos, and for missing your earlier note, and for forgetting to turn off auto-reply, and for sending this from their mobile device, and for writing too long, and for bothering you at all.

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How to Write Catchy E-mail Subject Lines and Increase Open Rates (Via MailMunch)

Your e-mail subject line is the most important part of your entire e-mail. It will determine whether or not that e-mail gets opened. If you do it right – more people will open your e-mails and, luckily, you will get higher click-through rates, traffic and sales from your e-mail marketing campaigns. If you do it wrong – people won’t open your e-mails and you will fail to lead to your website and convert them into customers. Since this element is so critical for the success of your business, we decided to create an entire post on the topic and teach you how to write catchy e-mail subject lines.

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4 Ways to Invest in Email Marketing, for 2016 (Via Practical Ecommerce)

Marketers have heard for years that email is dead. However, just the opposite is true. The importance of email has never been greater, and there is still no better way for ecommerce merchants to communicate with a customer or prospect. From sending transactional information to advertising and promotions, having access to a person’s inbox represents a powerful marketing opportunity.

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