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Introducing Fear and Self-Loathing in Email Marketing…

A new book by Alchemy Worx CEO Dela Quist – available as a series of essays, free to Email-Worx subscribers every month.

Every business – every brand – believes email has a place in its marketing activity. When did you last hear of a company saying, “We’ve decided to stop sending email”? But all the current books on email marketing make the subject seem unnecessarily complex and technical, and they inject a lot of anxiety about inbox overload, over-mailing, wastage and spam.

The inconvenient truth about email marketing, of course, is that spam works: most of the time, nothing is likely to make you more money than sending another email. But legitimate email marketers – who work with permission and are nothing like spammers – fail to maximise the huge commercial opportunities of frequent, branded email contact because they’re terrified of being accused of filling inboxes with junk.

This attitude of fear and self-loathing is holding email marketing back from achieving the profile and share of budget that it so richly deserves.

Unlocking the brand potential of emailIn this book published as a series of essays, Dela Quist looks at how to unlock the brand potential of email in terms of the key issues of concern to email marketers, such as spam, deliverability, inbox overload, subject lines, testing and measuring success.

In each essay, the author – founder and CEO of the UK’s only dedicated email agency, with over 20,000 hours devoted to the subject already – shows how much of received industry wisdom about email marketing is motivated by misplaced fear and a misunderstanding of how email works as a marketing medium.

In Fear and Self-Loathing in Email Marketing, Dela proposes a new approach that combines insights gleaned from long experience with practical techniques that any email marketer can start applying to their own campaigns. He offers simple, cost-effective ways that businesses large and small can use email to transform their commercial success.

And he develops a simple but rarely heard argument about how you can use email to boost your bottom line by tapping into its potential as a brand-building broadcast medium.

It’s a message any business can tap into to deliver real returns, from the neighbourhood restaurant to the global insurance provider. The book will appeal to anyone who markets a business, from professional marketers to sole traders to consultants, whether B2B or B2C. And it’s all yours, free.

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