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May favorites The best emails of the month

Once again we’ve delved into our inboxes to select six of the best emails from last month. Here are the ones that stood out.

Spotify’s no nonsense design

Subject line: Love summer with 3 months of Premium for £0.99

The clever use of color in this email makes it easy to navigate and skim read – the blue and yellow tie everything together and draw the customer’s eye down. The icons and copy are effective at quickly communicating the benefits, and nothing in the email is unnecessary or overcomplicated.

Graze’s eyecatching design

Subject line: New snacks have just landed

The flow and personality of this email are what make it something special. The dotted line keeps the customer’s eye tracking the right way, and the vibrant colours, mix of illustrations and product shots work really well together. We love the final reminder to check out the offer, and the text link in the header for those customers who want to redeem the offer immediately.

Hotel Chocolat’s early reminder

Subject line: Dads. Beer. Chocolate.

The subject line for this email cuts straight to the chase and is eye-catching in its simplicity, and the email itself follows suit. The ‘click and collect’ banner is a great use of space at the top of the email – it overcomes a potential barrier to purchase without stealing attention from the main content.

Uniqlo’s Star Wars themed message

Subject line: May the 4th be with you

Fast becoming a date in the marketer’s diary, Uniqlo were one of the brands to mark May the 4th with a Star Wars themed email. With three strong CTAs, minimal copy and a striking and appropriate color theme, the email does a great job of capitalizing on the opportunity.

Urban Outfitters’ striking imagery

Subject line: Get 30% off homeware

The images in this email really do speak a thousand words. The bold headline and single CTA are all that’s needed as the photography does the rest of the work selling the products. Small design touches like the white borders, varied layout and complementary colours create a light, fresh feel that is very enticing.

Oysho’s sale warning

Subject line: Special OFF is coming…Make your list now!

This is a great example of a retailer maximizing customer touch points around a sale. Rather than just a ‘sale coming soon’ message, this email encourages shoppers to start adding items to their wishlist. With this definitive action to take, they’re much more likely to remember to look out for and take advantage of the sale when it arrives. The email is also well executed with bright colors, minimal copy, and an effective three step process with icons.

Last updated: Jun 09, 2016  Alchemy Worx