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iOS17 and Email Marketing

iOS 17: Friend or Foe for Marketers?

With iOS 17 on the horizon, we are closely following updates and industry insights to be prepared for its impact on email marketing.

Here we go again… Apple promising yet more “privacy driven” initiatives likely to impact marketers with the release of iOS17 in the Fall. The announcement of iOS 15 in September 2021 brought concerns for marketers, as Apple’s new privacy features posed a threat to their growth plans. One such company, PRO Compression, turned to Alchemy Worx for a solution. With iOS 17 on the horizon, we are closely following updates and industry insights to be prepared come mid-September.

iOS 17 introduces several marketer-relevant features, including the notable “Link Tracking Protection,” which is automatically activated in Mail, Messages, and Safari in Private Browsing mode. It detects user-identifiable tracking parameters in link URLs and removes them automatically (source: 9to5Mac).

Adam Tinworth from OneManAndHisBlog clarifies that this feature may rewrite tracking additions if campaign tracking (UTMs) are used on email links. However, this impact is limited to situations where a user-identifying code is appended to the campaign tracking.

Sean Duffy, an Email Marketing & Personalisation Specialist, highlights that email service providers (ESPs) already use unique links for each email, including the unsubscribe link. This suggests that email tracking is unlikely to be completely eliminated.

In light of these developments, it is vital for marketers to stay informed about the evolving landscape of tracking and attribution. Partnering with experts who have a proven track record of navigating iOS updates becomes even more crucial.

With the introduction of iOS 17, marketers may find it necessary to reassess their measurement and analytics approaches. As tracking becomes more limited, it becomes crucial for marketers to shift their focus toward contextual indicators of campaign effectiveness, such as engagement rates and conversions within app ecosystems.

Alchemy Worx’s early initiative with iOS 15 allowed us to quickly redefine how intent was assessed and shift our strategy to focus on stronger success metrics. The results for PRO Compression were outstanding: a 42% increase in revenue, a 64% increase in total clicks, a 36% increase in average order value (AOV), and a 27% decrease in the unsubscribed/delivered rate.

So, are these changes in iOS 17 good or bad for marketers? Well, it’s still a bit early to say for sure. However, our team of ESP experts is fully prepared to find out. As iOS 17 approaches, marketers must be proactive in navigating the privacy changes and understanding their impact on campaign effectiveness. By partnering with experts, embracing contextual personalization, and staying informed about industry developments, marketers can continue to deliver personalized experiences that respect user privacy preferences.