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How to Increase Audience Engagement

A brand’s ability to connect with their audience is crucial to building lasting relationships and driving conversion. But if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. That’s why it’s important to tap into the knowledge of experts when possible.

From 30-second TikToks to bite-sized bullet points, you might say the global attention span is shrinking faster than the polar ice caps. The one thing that separates super successful brands from the rest? Audience engagement. 

A brand’s ability to connect with its audience is crucial to building lasting relationships and driving conversion. But if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. That’s why it’s important to tap into the knowledge of experts when possible.

Our Business Development & Partnerships Manager, Joseph Levy, graciously lent his expertise on how to increase audience engagement. Keep reading for his top tips and about the services we offer that can help make that happen!

Think Beyond Constant Promotional Strategies

Customers are loyal for all kinds of reasons, but cultivating it solely based on price can be problematic. As Levy notes, “Customers are increasingly looking for added value, convenience, and personalization.” In short, the lowest price alone doesn’t hold the weight it once did. He emphasizes, “It’s not just about the lowest price anymore; it’s about the overall experience and how well a brand understands and caters to its customers’ unique preferences.” 

This shift is why it’s essential to provide reasons for customers to remain loyal. “Ensuring a convenient and easy customer experience, along with targeting your customers with personalized content and products they would be interested in, is going to be a large driving factor for loyalty—especially when shifting away from promotions,” says Levy.

Increase Your Emphasis On Customer Identity

Customer identity is on the cusp of taking center stage for brands, allowing them to recognize their customers across various channels—even without third-party cookies. Levy adds, “When they’re able to, many large brands will try and cast wider nets to ensure they’re getting in front of the right people, leading to continually increasing acquisition costs.” In addition to increasing costs, it can be less effective due to lower relevance and lack of personalized content. The solution to this ultimately lies in a robust customer retention strategy.

Create a Solid Retention Strategy

To ensure that your customers remain engaged, loyal, and satisfied, you’ll want to implement a well-crafted retention strategy. Levy echoes this, “With acquisition costs increasing and people becoming more busy, brands will need to get creative in finding the right way for retention messaging to resonate and convert customers more efficiently.” When done right, this can build and maintain strong, lasting relationships and of course, increase audience engagement.

Boost Your Metrics With the Right Tools

The significance of maximizing revenue from incoming traffic cannot be overstated. “It’s going to be valuable to ensure your site has a swift customer experience where all needs of customers can be answered to drive conversion,” Levy confirms. He goes on to recommend using tools like Gorgias to help ensure customers can have their questions answered as if they are talking to an employee in a physical store. After all, the more that can be answered for customers on the spot means less time for them to look elsewhere for their needs.

Although immediate conversions are ideal, it’s important to recognize that not all incoming acquisition traffic may be in a position to purchase. However, a strong email and SMS program can help. Levy further notes, “To ensure even more of the traffic coming into your site can be reached back out to via email, using something like can help ensure a higher capture rate for traffic coming to the site, to make sure you have the biggest return from acquisition spend.”

Enhance the Email & SMS in Your Marketing Plan

When it comes to cost efficiency, impactful reach, and immediate results, the gold standard is undeniably email and SMS marketing. When you have this as a part of your marketing plan, you can expect to see a boost in conversions, increased brand visibility, and more engagement all around.

We offer a wide range of tailored services that can help do all this and more. Whether you’re a small startup or a well-established business, let us help you unleash the power of these helpful marketing tools to increase audience engagement. 


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