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Our Top Blogs of 2022

Over the past year, we’ve published nearly 50 blogs on a wide range of digital marketing topics covering everything from email subject lines to social media strategies. Each article presents unique insights, answers, and tips from our team of marketing thought leaders. As the hours count down to the New Year, we’d like to share a list of our Top 10 Blogs based on visits from email, social media, and search.


Time’s Up for Countdown Timers

Open rate tracking wasn’t the only thing affected by iOS 15. Learn about the impact on countdown timers, how it affects email campaigns, and discover a simple but effective solution.

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Does Subject Line Length Matter?

The topic of Subject Line length has arisen time and again over the years. At first, the fear of truncation led everyone to believe shorter was better. But when we took a closer look, the “shorter is better” argument didn’t make sense. We put it to the test with Subject Line Pro. The answer may surprise you.

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Deliverability, Engagement, and the Theory of Email Marketing

Our CMO Dela Quist weighs in on the impact of Apple’s Mail Protection Policy on deliverability and engagement, as well as how an innocuous question for a panel of inbox providers about how hey measure deliverability continues to cause ripples to this day.

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The Golden Rule of Subject Line Testing

Every Subject Line should be tested. That’s a given. But there are many approaches to Subject Line testing and choosing the right one for your brand can be a test in itself. Discover the Golden Rule of SubjectLine testing plus 10 things you should test regularly.

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Does Your Attribution Model Distort the Value of the Email Channel?

If you are serious about optimizing your Subject Lines, you should start by accurately measuring and fully understanding the true nature of the contribution your email campaigns make to the mix.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

Managing social media for your company isn’t the same as handling your personal account. Even if you follow all the guidelines for setting up business accounts across your preferred platforms, you may still fall prey to one of the 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing. Learn to recognize these traps and avoid them.

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Subject Lines: Originality Is the Key to Success

Subject Lines can be the easiest things to write, but the hardest things to get right. There doesn’t seem to be a single best practice, rule or tactic that works every time. We put that notion to the test.

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Does Punctuation in a Subject Line Help or Hurt Email Performance?

Are we witnessing the demise of punctuation? We ran a test to see what impact punctuation marks had on how email recipients engaged with subject lines. The results may surprise you.

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5 Simple Tips for Increasing Facebook Engagement

Engagement is something we’ve frequently talked about as it applies to email. But it is also crucial to social media where interactions are key to growing and maintaining your audience. That’s especially true on Facebook where improving engagement can have a big impact on extending your organic reach and boosting your News Feed placement.

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The Language of Subject Lines: Simple or Sophisticated?

When it comes to writing Subject Lines, a lot of marketers follow the KISS approach,“Keep it simple, stupid.” But research based on Subject Line Pro has revealed that relying too heavily on simple language could be the reason why many recipients don’t read your emails.

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Creative in the Inbox

We are all for optimizing subject lines – we created – but we also like to help clients explore more visual opportunities in the inbox that can help clicks

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