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5 Reasons to Advertise on Pinterest

When considering paid social media marketing, there are a lot of options. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube make a lot of hay based on their huge user bases. But if you’re looking for something that delivers a higher return at lower cost and really sticks with shoppers, finding the right platform can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Ouch! We just found your solution: Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine. It combines a unique blend of search engine and social media to enable users (Pinners) to find, save, and share new ideas, products, and brands. Its visual format and unique blend of search and social set it apart from other social media platforms. That’s why Pinterest has become the preferred platform for shoppers seeking inspiration with intent to discover, organize, and ultimately purchase.  
Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has grown to more than 444 million active users per month. That’s more than the entire population of the United States. While that number is impressive, it still pales in comparison to Facebook’s 2.6 billion monthly active users. So, why advertise on Pinterest?

We’re glad you asked. Here are 5 reasons you should advertise on Pinterest (and how we can help you integrate it into your omnichannel marketing strategy.)

1. Pinners Are Shoppers

According to Pinterest’s latest data, Pinners are 40% more likely to say they love shopping and 75% more likely to say they are always shopping. When they shop, Pinners spend twice as much per month than non-Pinners. That’s because Pinners typically have disposable income. 45% of Americans with household income over $100,000 use Pinterest,

2. Pinners Trust Pinterest

Pinterest’s discovery process fosters trust. 83% of Pinners have made a purchase based on brand content found on Pinterest. In fact, Pinners are 7x more likely to cite Pinterest as the most influential platform for purchasing decisions.

3. Pinners Are Early Adopters

Whether you’re a new brand or have a new product, Pinterest is a great place to connect with consumers. As many as 80% of Pinners discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest. Better still, once you connect, Pinners stick with you. Pinners are 66% more likely to try new brands and remain loyal.

4. Pinterest Ads are Unobtrusive
While traditional ad platforms are designed to make ads stand-out, Pinterest takes a different approach. Pinterest ads appear on Pinners’ feeds and search results in the same format as a regular Pin. Integrating ads seamlessly into the natural journey of discovery ensures that rather than interrupt, they enhance the experience and make Pinners more receptive. Need proof? See Number 5 below.
5. Pinterest Converts for Less
Pinterest offers marketers a mix of free and paid advertising options that when used together can generate 3x more conversions and 2x ROI on ad spend versus paid ads alone. When it comes to paid ads, Pinterest has one of the lowest CPCs in social media advertising. Ads on Pinterest provide a 2x higher return on ad spend with 2.3x lower cost per conversion than other social media platforms.
Pin It (Again and Again)
When we speak to Clients about advertising on Pinterest, in addition to the reasons listed above, one word comes to mind: Reach.
The Reach of Pinterest is simply incredible. Content on Pinterest can be pinned and then re-pinned again and again across different users’ boards. As a result, Pins have a longer lifespan than Instagram posts or Tweets, showing up in Pinners’ feeds for months after the initial post. The enduring reach of Pins can drive shoppers to make purchases on your website almost indefinitely.
We can help you integrate Pinterest into a broader social media strategy that includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. We can also connect you with Influencers to generate content and broaden your reach. We can even show you how to put it all together in an omnichannel strategy that combines social, paid search, email and more. Schedule a call today.


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