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Choice Home Warranty

Browse and Cart Abandon Campaigns Increase Engagement.

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty is a leading provider or home and appliance repair services for homeowners.


Choice Home Warranty offers plans that include comprehensive protection against the cost of repair or replacement of properly maintained major systems and appliances. Although their website gives a fair amount of information about their products, the majority of their sales come through conversations with sales representatives. A significant amount of people would begin the process of inquiring online, however they would not follow through and complete the purchase after hanging up the phone. Choice Home Warranty wanted to utilize their online and email program to help close these ongoing deals.


Alchemy Worx worked with Choice Home Warranty to implement a browse abandonment and cart abandon campaign as part of their email program. A set amount of time after a prospective buyer would place something in their website shopping cart or after they would be viewing a product without purchasing, Choice Home Warranty would send out an automatic email reminding the buyer about the potential purchase. These emails usually include offers and promotions encouraging the prospective buyer to complete their purchases.


Choice Home Warranty saw a 15% increase in engagement and sales. Since a typical customer lasts 3 – 5 years the impact of each saved sale is exponentially multiplied.