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Five Don’t-Miss Creative Tactics for Mother’s Day Mailings (Plus a Bonus!)

Have you made the most of your Mother’s Day messaging? We have a roundup of five tactics that have worked for others, so you can fill in any last-minute gaps to encourage those last minute gifts. Ready for inspiration? Here we go: 

1. Use numbers in the subject line.

Subject lines set the stage for sales, and increasing open rates will often translate to higher revenue. In tests last Mother’s Day, we saw an average 17% increase when calling out the sale percent compared to just calling out the sale. It’s important to switch things up, so look at your Mother’s Day messaging and see if you can put some numbers in the subject line. 

2. Tell a story.

Most gift givers have a tough time picking out something that they’re sure will make mom happy. Coravin does a great job telling a story of how mom will use and appreciate their products in short snippets. The story helps fence-sitters make a decision and feel good about it. 

3. Show lots of options.

Help gift givers see the breadth of your offering, and create lots of opportunities to click by showing a broader selection of your products than usual. If you already do this, you know that more links generally means more clicks. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s time to test a multi-product email with your audience. It might help less-decisive gift buyers visualize your product with their mom, just like Judith Bright.

4. Use movement to create a sense of urgency.

Baby Brezza always does a great job with on-brand imagery and their products are especially appropriate for mothers. To spice things up a tiny bit, without distracting from the product, Baby Brezza used movement in the call to action button to create a sense of urgency. This is a tactic to reserve for your final sales drive just before the holiday, or just before shipping deadlines. 

5. Write a heartfelt letter.

Joy Harari, CEO of Shore Magic, is a mom herself. So she understands how important it is to put aside sales so that some brand emotion can shine through. Heartfelt letters will usually generate about 30% of the revenue you’d otherwise make so this isn’t a tactic for your highest revenue day. But it is a smart message to share on Mother’s Day itself, after the gift giving opportunities are over. 


One more bonus tactic to consider as we close in on the holiday: 

Offer an opt-out.

There may not be a holiday that is more emotionally fraught than Mother’s Day. Honoring the emotions of those who may find this holiday challenging to face may be the right thing to do for your brand. You can best help those who find the holiday difficult by offering a temporary opt-out. This is unlikely to cost you sales, and it will position your brand as caring. 

Don’t forget to segment your list and test, test, test. Happy Mother’s Day!