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The Knowledge House

With the holidays upon us, our thoughts turn to giving. While the focus for some is on gifts for family and friends, for others it extends to the community at large. It is easy to drop some change in a bucket or pop a check in the mail, but it is important to understand that charitable giving is about more than just dollars and cents. It is also about offering leadership, mentorship, and kindness to elevate those less fortunate.  

This is especially true for brands for which charitable giving is an opportunity to demonstrate authenticity by supporting organizations and causes that align with their core values. Alchemy Worx has always been a proponent of diversity, so when our team was motivated to get involved after the tragic incident surrounding George Floyd, we sought out a racially diverse not-for-profit organization with which we could partner. Our objective was to provide ongoing, hands-on assistance.

Our search led us to The Knowledge House (TKH), a not-for-profit educational institution that is building an education-to-employment pipeline in under-served neighborhoods by empowering young people with 21st century skills in the digital arena. The combination of their emphasis on digital skills and alignment with our core values made The Knowledge House the perfect partner for Alchemy Worx.

The Knowledge House (TKH) is committed to taking low-income youth and young adults from unemployment and dead-end jobs to financial independence and stability. It does so by providing them with free technical training and professional development services that put them on a direct path to employment in the tech sector.

In the process, The Knowledge House is transforming the tech industry by building a cadre of talented workers equipped with the latest skills for today’s economy. They have served 1900 black and brown technologists, helping them acquire skills that will empower them to navigate career pathways in tech industries.

“The marketing and advertising industry prides itself on shaping popular culture, pushing boundaries, and influencing perceptions, but when it comes to ethnic diversity it still has a long way to go,” said Dela Quist, Chief Marketing Officer at Alchemy Worx. “We are committed to the task of building out the funnel of diverse talent and empowering young adults as they transition into their careers in tech. As a company, we are proud to support The Knowledge House as volunteer partners, helping make change through action.”

Alchemy Worx team members have participated in a wide range of programs at The Knowledge House including Lunch and Learn sessions as part of the part of the Karim Kharbouch Coding Fellowship. Topics included the benefits of mentorship for professional development, best practices when networking, and interview techniques.

Five Alchemy Worx team members are currently serving as mentors at The Knowledge House. One such mentor is Yurika Foster, Director of Enterprise Business Development at Alchemy Worx.

“Sharing my thoughts on interviewing with the fellows at The Knowledge House was something I really wanted to do, because I’ve sound so much personal growth through my own years of interviewing,” said Ms. Foster. “My hope is that the fellows can look at interviews as a helpful process – one that teaches them to craft their own stories (not just present them), and one that leads them to clearly communicate what they’re searching for or want to do.”  

Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Foster and her colleagues, Alchemy Worx was named Partner of the Month by The Knowledge House in July 2021. Alchemy Worx was recognized as “a consistent supporter through volunteering and speaking engagements.”

The Knowledge House is just one of many organizations that Alchemy Worx supports. We hope this story inspires your company to demonstrate its authenticity through charitable activities this holiday season and beyond.