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Cookies Kids

Using slow business days to drive Black Friday sales.

Cookies Kids

Cookies Kids is an online fashion retailer of apparel for kids & babies.

Cookie’s Kids is a children’s apparel company that was concerned about an expected decrease in sales during the weeks leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They expected the decrease because consumers usually wait until Black Friday to start their holiday shopping. Alchemy Worx created a campaign to engage shoppers before Black Friday. Shoppers received a discount on their purchase before Black Friday, as well as early access to Cookie’s Kids’ Black Friday offer.

“[Alchemy Worx] helped us to devise a solution to our Black Friday conundrum, not with pie-in-the-sky offers or publicity stunts, but with real incentives that really worked. We’ll be relying on them next Black Friday to help us keep our promotions fresh and effective.”

-Benjamin DeVries, Director Of Marketing, Cookies Kids


There is no way to avoid the absolute monsoon that is the “Black Friday email.” Retailers plan their Black Friday promotions down to the smallest detail. In recent years this has resulted in a flooded inbox with major deals and a drop in sales for the weeks before Black Friday. Brands are usually ignored before Black Friday. With a goal to increase sales before and during Black Friday, Alchemy Worx and Cookie’s Kids were challenged to create a campaign to attract consumers who might have been waiting for Black Friday to begin their holiday shopping.


Alchemy Worx and Cookie’s Kids incentivized customers to shop before (not just during) Black Friday. Cookie’s Kids offered a good promotion along with an offer for store credit to be used on any Black Friday promotion. Cookie’s Kids emailed their customers in the days prior to Black Friday with the store credit promotion. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving they sent an email letting customers know a $10 credit was in their account, along with a special code for the Black Friday offer.


The Black Friday Presale messaging generated an additional 30% of the Black Friday sales and vs. Previous Year sales were up 50%. The early buyers played a significant role in the increase as the email got the customer to come back and spend more within a week of their initial purchase. Cookie’s Kids and Alchemy Worx found a way to create value out of slow business days and captured even more value out of one of the busiest days of the year.