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July Favourites: The best emails of the month

Everyone loves summer – right? So regardless of whether you are enjoying a lovely summer in the northern hemisphere or are enduring the winter months in the southern hemisphere, here are six of our favorite summer emails that have caught our eye here at Alchemy Worx this past month.

…just to brighten up your day!

Holi Festival of Colours last chance reminder

Subject Line:  Your LAST Chance to get your ticket! Holi Festival Of Colours™ THIS WEEKEND! ‏

When scrolling through our inbox this subject line immediately jumped out and caught our eye due to the clever use of the emoji’s framing the subject line, supported also by the variety of lower and case and upper case. Upon opening, a fun-filled animated gif (see below) greeted us with a countdown clock which supported the ‘Last Chance’ message within the subject line. They finished it off with an awesomely punchy call-to-action making it very easy to action the email!

Anthropologie’s use of directional cues

Subject Line: An all-summer-long playsuit

We love how they break down the email into three style steps – utilizing the powerful Rule of 3. The Anthropologie team are renowned for their clever use of images to support their email’s objective and this one doesn’t disappoint. Guiding us through the email, they direct our gaze to start off via the model’s line of sight and then using the Rule of 3, and the placement of the numbers, 1, 2 and 3, to form a gradient line, taking us to the bottom of the email.

Heathrow’s helpfulness

Subject Line: Four ways to make your journey a breeze

We love the simplicity and helpfulness of the subject line. Do we have time to read four ways to make our journey a breeze? Absolutely! Also loving the specific and persuasive call-to-actions as well – all front-loaded with verbs  – Discover, Book, Find…

Deliveroo’s use of personification

Subject Line: Never miss a moment…

This email has a fun and happy vibe to it through the use of the animated gif (see below) as the hero image. Not only does the movement of the animated gif catch our attention, but they’ve gone one step further and cleverly used personification by applying human attributes to the food items included within the gif. Strong branding, short but friendly copy and a punchy call-to-action all help this email to stand out from the crowd.


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