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Authenticity In Action

At Alchemy Worx, we are firm believers in authenticity. We strive to be authentic and true to our core values in everything we do and demonstrate it in our business and within the community at large.

The importance of authenticity isn’t just a whim. It is backed up by data. Respondents to the 2021 Alchemy Worx Consumer Survey revealed that today’s consumers consider the ethics and values of brands when making purchasing decisions.

Presenting your brand as authentic has significant marketing value. However, being truly authentic requires commitment and today’s consumers will scrutinize your messages and see through anything less.

At Alchemy Worx, we live our core values every day through our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce and a workplace where everyone thrives regardless of their age, race, color, gender, national origin or physical ability. But we don’t stop there.

We also reach out to our community to work with organizations that align with our values by providing resources and financial support for their programs that benefit their mission. Some of these organizations include:

Center for Court Innovation
Alchemy Worx has been working with the Center for Court Innovation for over a year. Founded as a public/private partnership between the New York State Unified Court System and the Fund for the City of New York, the Center for Court Innovation creates operating programs to test new ideas and solve problems, performs original research to determine what works (and what doesn’t), and provides expert assistance to justice reformers around the world. Our team meets with the Center for Court Innovation on a weekly basis and operates their email marketing program.

Teens For Food Justice
We also work with Teens for Food Justice, an organization dedicated to eradicating food insecurity in the span of one generation. Teens for Food Justice develops youth-led, community-based solutions that can end the staggering cycle of diet-related disease and health complications impacting low-income communities of color. Alchemy Worx helped Teens for Food Justice revamp their entire marketing program. 

The Knowledge House
We work with The Knowledge House, an educational institution that is building an education-to-employment pipeline in under-served neighborhoods by empowering young people with 21st century skills in the digital arena. The Knowledge house provides free technical training and professional development services that put students on a direct path to employment in the tech sector.

Only Influencers
In addition to working with organizations in our local community, we have also been extremely active in the marketing industry. As participants in the Only Influencers Allied Diversity Committee, we have worked on initiatives such as the 2021 Benchmark Report Highlights: Diversity in the Email Industry, Racial Diversity in the Email Industry: What you Can/Should/Must Do Now, and Hiring Diversity: How to Do It, participating in webinars, supporting their efforts, and promoting diversity through complementary efforts.  

Alchemy Worx embraces its core values and actively works to advance them. We provide financial support, pro bono marketing services, mentoring and more to organizations that are making a difference in the lives of others. We continue to expand our reach with new initiatives as well. We do so because we believe in giving back while hopefully inspiring others to join us in working toward positive change. That’s authenticity in action.