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Swimsuits For All

Resubscribe campaign boosts revenue.

Swimsuits For All

Swimsuits For All is a leading online retailer for women’s swimwear, specializing in sizes 4 and up. It was founded in 2005.

Swimsuits for All was concerned about the increasing amount of unsubscribes as a side effect of a growing database. The unsubscribes were minimal in respect to the revenue gained; however, with increased unsubscribes, opportunity for revenue is lost. Alchemy Worx created a “Resubscribe Campaign” to reengage their unsubscribed buyer groups. Buyers that resubscribed currently account for 25% of Swimsuits For All’s email promotion revenue. Alchemy Worx has been partners with Swimsuits for All since 2008 and email plays a large role in their overall revenue.

“Alchemy Worx exemplifies the phrase ‘Strategy & Execution’.” Their deep commitment to robust data analytics is aligned with 110% execution. Since our partnership in 2008, we’ve continued to see tremendous lifts in revenue annually. Alchemy Worx made email marketing a cornerstone of our business.”

-Bobby Missry, Head Of Marketing


From 2012-2014, S4A’s email database more than doubled, revenue also grew by 100% annually. S4A’s unsubscription rate hovered around 0.15% annually. With an increasing database, the aggregate amount of unsubscribes was growing by the tens-of-thousands.

Aggregate data of unsubscribes from 2012-14:
2012: 96,000 unsubscribes
2013: 145,000 unsubscribes
2014: 175,000 unsubscribes (0.15% unsubscribe rate)

Although revenue was growing two-fold annually, many customers were lost to unsubscription. Although some of these customers continued to buy, they were purchasing at a much lower rate than those active on the email list. S4A looked for a solution to salvage the revenue lost. Simply emailing unsubscribers to return is optimal, but cannot be done by law. Alchemy Worx took on the challenge of reactivating the unsubscribed accounts to increase S4A’s email revenue.


Alchemy Worx looked for a viable cause for emailing their unsubscribed members, and found a solution. Sending Transactional emails to unsubscribed members is legal according to CAN-SPAM. The “Resubscribe Campaign” began in December 2013, a permissible transactional-based email campaign to S4A’s lost members.


An email was sent showing the products of the customers’ previous purchase along with a thank-you message. At the bottom of the email was a short message as follows:

“You had previously requested to unsubscribe from our email list and are no longer receiving messages about great deals like these. Click here to rejoin our email list.”

This campaign was initially sent to everyone who had previously unsubscribed between 6-24 months. The campaigns now setup to go out to all customers 6-months after their purchases if they had unsubscribed.


S4A had 45,000 re-subscriptions as of Feb-Mar 2015. Resubscription emails currently account for 25% of email promotion revenue and growing.