Produce recommendation banners increase sales.


Brayola is an online lingerie retailer that helps shoppers find better-fitting bras. Its bra analyzer and extractor identify bras based on size, style, color, price, materials, purpose, quality, and attributes. The information powers Brayola’s engine to match shoppers with more bras that will fit in a similar way.


A challenge all marketers face is finding a sweet spot with your audience, and then their tastes will change, or a new trend will come along that works even better.

At Alchemy Worx, we believe that testing is an extremely valuable investment of time. We see it as an essential element of any long-term email marketing strategy. No matter how great the email program is, you need to test constantly ,intentionally, and strategically.

Brayola sends daily emails to several thousand customers. Alchemy Worx designed and tested email templates with product recommendation banners. The goal is for these personalized banners to drive awareness to items that individual subscribers are more likely to buy and generate more sales.


Alchemy Worx designed product recommendation banners to be inserted at the bottom of Brayola’s emails. We split-tested the template with product recommendations against a template that had no banner but was otherwise identical. Both mailings with and without banners were sent over a span of multiple campaigns, making the results statistically significant.


The template with the banners achieved a 24.6% boost in revenue per mailing, a 25.28% lift in orders, and a 29.13%increase in conversion over the template without banners. The results were deemed significant enough to make product recommendations a regular part of Brayola’s email program going forward.


Although adding product recommendations has little to no impact on someone’s tendency to click, they will convert at a much higher rate with an increased level of personalization.

Through testing, Alchemy Worx developed a great way to personalize Brayola’s email program and significantly boost key performance metrics.

Do you lack the time and resources to test? Let Alchemy Worx do it for you. You risk nothing and pay only for results.