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Let’s Be Authentic About Personalization

As email marketers, we all know the value of personalization, but what about authenticity? Understanding the difference between the two and taking steps to make your customer interactions more authentic is crucial.    

Getting Personalization Right Is Important, But Is It Enough?

Personalization is a regular part of any serious email program. Using personal information to tailor messaging provides consumers with more relevant content and a unique experience while strengthening the relationship between buyer and seller.

Although there have been questions raised about whether consumers know the extent to which marketers are tracking their email and web behaviors, we believe that most are aware of this practice and expect brands to act on the data they collect to serve them better.

When brands fail in this regard, consumers notice. The 2021 Alchemy Worx Consumer Survey revealed that the brand loyalty of 18% of consumers would be negatively impacted if “my name or information was wrong on messages a brand sends me.” Obviously, it is a fair expectation that when a consumer shares their personal information directly with a brand that it be accurately reflected in their messages.

However, consumers also expect brands to react to their product purchases and browsing behaviors. For example, 15% of those surveyed said “receiving recommendations for products I have already purchased or don’t need any more” would negatively impact their brand loyalty. That rose to 21% among those 18-34 years old, indicating that younger consumers are more aware of tracking and have higher expectations.

Getting personalization right is important. But when it comes to today’s consumers, it isn’t enough. That’s where authenticity comes into play.

Build Brand Loyalty By Having An Authentic Message

Companies have to demonstrate their authenticity, not just say it. In 2022, brands that target younger audiences will have to demonstrate – with authenticity – their commitment to diversity and sustainability.

Our prediction is based on the findings of the 2021 Alchemy Worx Consumer Survey which offered an in-depth look at consumer sentiment. Beyond purchase intent, younger consumers are also much more likely to be drawn to brands because of the social values exhibited by the company. The survey revealed that 18-34-year-olds are more than twice as likely as older consumers to say that they plan to buy from brands with diverse models and embrace diversity. They are also significantly more likely to say that they will avoid brands that are not ethical or sustainable. This is worth considering as you plan your 2022 marketing strategy.

At Alchemy Worx, we take these lessons to heart and live our core values through a diverse and inclusive workforce and are committed to creating a workplace where everyone thrives regardless of their age, race, color, gender, national origin and physical ability. Because of our strong belief in equity, we promote an atmosphere in which diversity of people and ideas are welcomed and valued.

Our own commitment to diversity is demonstrated through our participation in the Only Influencers Allied Diversity Committee where we have worked on initiatives such as the 2021 Benchmark Report Highlights: Diversity in the Email Industry, Racial Diversity in the Email Industry: What you Can/Should/Must Do Now, and Hiring Diversity: How to Do It.  

By defining and embracing your values then actively working to advance them, your company can demonstrate its authenticity, inspire consumers, and get them emotionally invested in your success. Doing so is more important than ever, because as our recent survey has shown, today’s consumers expect more than basic personalization. They seek out authenticity.