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Halloween Ghost in Shopping Cart

A Halloween Gamification Treat from Air Doctor

No tricks for this holiday: Air Doctor doubled engagement year over year with a Halloweeen treat for customers.

This week last year, Air Doctor agreed that while their 2021 Halloween promotion results were solid, they were hoping to see a bump from the holiday in 2022. The team immediately got into the spirit of the holiday and suggested a Halloween gamification approach. 

Gamification is a strong tool to drive engagement, and the holiday creates opportunities to approach the tactic in a unique way, respecting the brand but having a bit of fun as well. The team agreed to a mystery sale in keeping with the tone of the holiday.

Example of a Halloween Gamification email from Air Doctor

After a review of 2021 strategy, the team agreed to keep to 4 mailings but stretch the timing to an extra two days. They started the promotion on October 28th, instead of on the 30th. In light of the extra time, the team focused on engagement as a comparable metric, with the intent of confirming that adding a touch and extending the duration would still engage their audience, which would then translate into revenue. 

The results of Air Doctor’s Halloween gamification were eerily good. The mystery sale was a draw, driving 106% more engagement year over year. Even better, the team received solid data on how their customers would interact with a gamified approach. They implemented these learnings throughout the year, and developed a Halloween and Holiday 2023 approach based on the success with Halloween 2022 and subsequent campaigns.

The ghosts of Halloween 2022 live on in the results of all campaigns after. How friendly are your Halloween ghosts? If you’re not brewing the success you are looking for, reach out for a complimentary acceleration plan.