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March 2021 Email Marketing Calendar

Calendar planning for March? Our team has compiled a list of holidays and creative examples to help inspire promotions for your subscribers.

International Women’s Day (March 8):


This is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. If your business or brands are woman-owned, make sure it is highlighted and a focus of your email. This could include women in your company or industry. Laura Gellar used a letter from the CEO and included an exclusive offer to celebrate.

Daylight Savings (March 14):


Find creative ways to incorporate the theme of time into your message. While the use of clock imagery works, you can also explore ideas like time travel or use an animated sun to indicate time passing in the background. Countdown timers are a great option to stay on theme and create a sense of urgency. Use them to promote a flash sale or as a reminder that a sale is going to expire.

Pi Day (March 14):


In addition to daylight savings, March 14th gives us another fun promotional opportunity with Pi Day. PiDay is not just for math enthusiasts – there are many ways you can play with the 3.14 standard in your copy and imagery. Incorporate into your offer with14% or 31.4% off, or take a cue from Buy Auto Parts and use pie imagery.  

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17):


Although Many St. Patrick’s Day parades have been cancelled, your subscribers can still save some green! You can use a pot of gold, rainbows, St. Patrick’s Day hats, or four-leaf clovers to reinforce the theme of the day. Use animation to lead their eye, such as a rainbow ending on a golden deal. Use “lucky”  themed language, along with your pot of gold or four-leaf-clovers, in subject lines or CTA’s.

March Madness:


March Madness is one of the most exciting times of the year for sports fans, plus, they can score some savings! You cannot use the term “March Madness” in your promotions since it is trademarked by the NCAA. Marketers must be careful with what they show and how they uses it. Since subscribers missed out on the fun last year, you could use a fun play on words with “Madness in March” to highlight missing the fun. You can play into the theme with limited-time “buzzer beater” deals that show a sense of urgency.

Contact your strategist or creative lead to see how you can use these tips in your upcoming campaigns!