Congrats to our EIS Awards Finalists Dr. Scholl’s and Sazerac!

January favorites: The best emails of the month

We’ve taken a look at some of the best campaigns so far this year, and the little details that took them from good to great.

BHS’ free delivery animation

Subject line: Dress your home for less

Retailers often include a ‘free delivery’ message at the top of their email, but a plain line of text can easily get lost among the rest of the content. So here BHS have used animation to flick through two key delivery messages. It’s a simple but effective way to ensure the information doesn’t get overlooked, and also saves valuable space at the top of the email.  

Bloomingdale’s subject line and pre-header

Subject line: Shop the One Day Home Sale Now!

This email from Bloomingdale’s is a perfect example of how a subject line and pre-header text should work together to construct a valuable message. And as the pre-header text is the first line of copy in the email it will also be displayed in Gmail snippets, providing another opportunity to encourage subscribers to open.

River Island’s Instagram incentive

Subject line: Better late than never…

Email is a great way to promote social channels, and this message from River Island takes the opportunity one step further – offering subscribers a discount if they follow them on Instagram. This not only helps support their social activity, it also adds value to their email program.