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2022 Holiday Social Media Guide

In the year leading up to this holiday season, brands have faced a wide range of unique challenges ranging from macro-economic to geopolitical with supply and demand volatility creating more uncertainty than ever. Recognizing and adjusting to rapidly changing market conditions and resulting changes in consumer behavior will be crucial to success in Q4.

Like other marketing channels, Social Media has seen massive changes over the past year. Apple’s iOS updates, the emergence of TikTok as the dominant entertainment platform, and the contentious take-over of Twitter have all impacted brands and consumers alike. But consumers are resilient and their behavior has adapted. Your Social Media strategy must keep pace as well.

Our 2022 Holiday Marketing Guide: Social Media offers the information and recommendations you need to adapt to change so you can compete and win this holiday season. It provides a comprehensive Holiday Social Media Strategy including the latest consumer trends and forecasts, creative best practices, budget and bid strategies, a planning checklist, and more.

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